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7-8pm we meet every Monday. Parking is not free here but along the embankment is! 

THE PLACE THEATRE, upstairs in rehearsal room 1/2

You be welcomed with a huge smile & a lotta love! These classes will leave you feeling incredible and revitalised. 

FRIDAY CALM FLOW 6-7pm every Friday 



Do you practice yoga regularly at home or in class & want the opportunity to advance your practice?
❤️❤️ I love attending workshops, personally because they give me time to figure out certain elements of yoga that I sometimes am unsure of in fast classes. A yoga workshop I attended 2 years ago gave me key advice on how to develop my splits posture and I have been developing them ever since at home.

I am offering 3 x90 minute advance class workshops especially for you! 

£30 payment required in advance

Workshop dates: September 9th, 23rd, 30th
See you there!


To book your spot download the app. BookFit 

search for Yogawithcoops.

Or email me on 

or text 07841047284

YOGA IN BEDFORD PARK all of August! Come rain or shine. 

*Children under 16 go free *




Dates 28/9 5/10 12/10 19/10

Venue-The Place Theatre- it is a very calm & discreet venue

Maybe you are new to yoga and are feeling a little nervous about joining a class. 

You will not regret attending this course. A great way to ease yourself into this incredible practice. 

You will be guided and fully supported in your yoga journey by Coops!