High Intensity Yoga programme for Professional Boxer Mickey Mills

BOXER meets HIT YOGA meet Mickey Mills a recently turned professional boxer who has yet to be beaten in the boxing ring. Yoga may not seem like your conventional form of training for the typical boxer but trust me more and more athletes are turning to yoga to improve their stamina, breathing, prevent injury and help to sustain strength and endurance in the ring. Yoga with Coops has developed a high intensity programme which includes a focus to the abdominals, hip opening postures and breath work, as many boxers breath from the chest not the diaphragm. Breathing from the diaphragm can help a boxer to pace themselves in the ring as well as during the heavy training season-always come back to the breath and you will feel grounded yet light in your body.  If you are interested in a 1-2-1 session with Yoga with Coops please feel free to drop us an email and inquire.

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