Yoga with Coops started out as a secondary school teacher and is still teaching today as Head of Performing Arts. When I was at school mobile phones and social media did not exist. I often wonder how I would have developed if I had access to it, like hundreds of thousands of teenagers do today. My daughter is one of them. She is hooked to the phone and as a result I have seen her sleep patterns change, she becomes often irritable just before bed and suffers from not being able to ‘switch-off’ and ‘unplug’ from her invisible friends on social media who seem to manipulate how you dress, talk, act and feel about yourself. It can be so toxic, but equally so incredible if used correctly. 

Anyhows, my reason for mentioning this is because I see this behaviour in school-obsessed by being ‘liked’ when you post a picture, the feeling of being accepted by others or judged. The lack of sleep due to be on the phone or console and to add to this the pressure of EXAMS! Yes, real hardcore exams. We all know what it feels like for an adult to be going for an interview or sitting an important test at work-you want to do well, you don’t want to fail, well youngsters of today are under even more pressure than ever to succeed and nail c’s and above in many of their subjects at school. Picture sitting 25 exams within the space of 4 weeks. That is what an average 16 year has to endure to prove to the government that they are ‘ok’ ‘good’ ‘make-the grade’. 

As a result, as a teacher I am presented with many young, amazing adults who suffer from: anxiety, depression, eating disorders, feelings of doubt, worry, fear, insomnia, relationship break-down’s and general confusion over how to deal with ‘stuff’. 

I have been lucky enough to teach yoga to young people in education, working with schools in the local community to develop a yoga programme for groups of students. 

For example- a group of boys I had the pleasure of working with during the summer term had been identified as ‘underachieving and de-motivated in school’, through a HIT yoga programme and meeting with the boys weekly for a post-yoga mentoring session I was able to hep the young men turn things around for them at school. The results have not just been about gaining great grades, but ultimately about feeling good about themselves. 

Another example: meeting with a year group before their exams to practice breathing and meditation. 

Yoga for stress. Yoga for behavioural needs. Yoga for teachers. Yoga for anxiety. Yoga before exams. 

I am happy to meet with you to discuss a yoga programme for your school.