April 10th-14th 2019

sold out yoga retreat to Ibiza staying in a beautiful, luxurious villa up in the hills, overlooking the most epic backdrop of the ocean. 

We yoga, we giggle, we let go, we sup board, we eat like King’s & Queen’s and we take time to treat ourselves. 

Look out for a U.K retreat in February 2019 and a second Ibiza retreat in October 2019 

Yoga retreats 2019 are all fully booked which is amazing!

April 2019 Ibiza SOLD OUT 

October 2019 Ibiza SOLD OUT 

November 2019 Somerset SOLD OUT 

Yoga retreats 2020 

Ibiza May 2020 SOLD OUT 

watch this space for more retreats to be launched! I absolutely love planning retreats.